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Permanent Mold Casting

New Casting Technology:

Proprietary graphite is machined into molds by high speed CNC mills using CAD/CAM software.  Alloys are vacuum melted and cast in the machined molds.  After the casting is removed from the mold cavity, the mold is reused for the repeat production of the same part.  Superalloys and titanium alloys are produced by this new technology with superior quality.

Superalloy bars
As-cast superalloy bars in various diameters.

Benefits of Santoku America Permanent Mold Technology:

  • Lower production costs
  • Improved product quality
  • Faster turn around time
  • Design changes are easily facilitated
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Graphite molds are dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • No reaction with superalloy and titanium melts
  • Negligible wear and tear on the molds after many uses
  • Environmentally friendly

 Examples of some of the alloys that have been successfully cast in graphite molds: 


  • Rene 80
  • Rene 95
  • Merl 72
  • IN 738
  • IN792
  • IN 939
  • Ti-6Al-4V
  • Ti3Al
  • TiAl
See how our permanent mold casting works here.


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