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Rare Earth Battery Alloys

Rare Earth Battery AlloySantoku America, Inc. produces rare earth battery alloys, also known as mischmetal-nickel hydride alloys, for the rechargeable battery industry.  This type of alloy is being sought for the expanding EV (electric vehicle) and HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) markets.  (HEVs combine standard gasoline engines with rechargeable battery power).  Both EVs and HEVs are being developed to replace standard gasoline engines for more economically and environmentally friendly vehicles.  Mischmetal-nickel hydride is also used for rechargeable batteries in camcorders and other small battery operated devices, and is rapidly replacing traditional nickel-cadmium alloy in cellular phones as the most sought after alloy in this market.  All alloys produced undergo extensive property and elemental analyses to provide quality product according to our customers' unique specifications.

Key Benefits

  • Variability and confidentiality between each customer's specification is maintained.
  • SAI's rare earth alloy products have been ISO-9002 certified since 1995, meaning our alloy products go through strict quality assurance steps before release.
  • Mischmetal-nickel alloys are economically efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Available forms include ingots, powders and strips.


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